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Peter Thomas Foster

Peter's profound knowledge of artistic principles and oil painting was largely self-taught and acquired through more than thirty years of continuous study and practice.


His forte is colour, and the play of light and dark. “Chiaroscuro”, used by Masters such as Caravaggio, emphasizes the darkness of the background to create a high contrast and a dramatic effect. Out of the darkness and shadow, the objects appear translucent and three-dimensional.


He paints his still life paintings using everyday objects, from home or vintage markets. The subjects are designed and arranged with consciousness of their symbolic significance in art.


He paints his subjects from life and photographs.


The main character of Peter's painting is simplicity, achieved through the use of composition, design, light, colour. 


The focal point of his artwork is the line where light and shade meet: the midtone is where the texture of the object is most prominent, at the point where light glows across the surface.

Peter's work is exhibited online and in the art gallery/cocktail bar designed by himself, The Arts Inn, located in Florence, Italy.


I have been painting professionally for over thirty years, and I have explored all aspects of oil painting.

I have chosen “chiaroscuro”, the profound contrast between light and dark, as the technical means to express the sense of mystery and unknown that is inherent to existence.

There is mystery in the darkness, in the unseen.

Out of darkness, comes the beauty of shapes and textures.

I use a rather non conventional method for the preparation of the grounds, that influences the overall effect of the final result.

This way the inner light of the subject emerges, enhancing the combination of solidity and translucency.

I strive to create something tangible, so that the beholder's first impulse is to reach out and touch it.

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